Here we are again. Back to Ultimates. Guess what? The second half is way worse! Make sure you listen to our last episode, where we covered the first half of Ultimates, before this one! Ryan admits he was wrong and there’s no deconstruction or satire, just toxic masculinity. For real this time. Darryl is just […]

The Ultimates was Marvel’s first attempt to modernize the Avengers and it became the source material for the film. Did we finally find a Millar book where the comic was better than the movie? Well no, but at least it’s not hot garbage. The gang time travels from 2099 to the Bush Years to see […]

We’re back in the future! We stuck around the alternate 90s Marvel universe after last episode’s Punisher 2099. Is it still a bizarre cyberpunk, anarcho-capitalist wasteland? Yes. Is it still a lawless wasteland? Yes. Is it still totally awesome? Hell yeah. Everyone wears super cool shades and surfs through the internet. But this time, Dr. […]

Happy new year! We look to the future, 2099, and see what Marvel thought it would look like. Pretty frickin’ awesome, if you ask me. A world of complete privatization and one liners. What more could you want? The Punisher killing everyone? Because he’s here, too. Punisher 2099 by Pat Mills, Tony Skinner, and Tom […]

Hey y’all, it’s Christmas week so I’ll keep it short. We made Phil and Darryl revisit Wanted, a book we covered before they were on the show. The book’s terrible, but listen to our old episode here first to get a plot rundown. Or if you’re using a podcast app, it was episode 12. We […]

It’s Christmas! Let’s get EDGY. Last year we covered that time extreme edgelord Lobo killed Santa Claus. And earlier in the year, we covered fascist Authority-member Batman-But-Gay Midnighter. What would happen if these titans of profanity and gore clashed? Spoilers: They do in this episode. First, we give a little intro to the Authority, Midnighter’s […]

  It’s Part 2 of our Annual Thanks-for-killing-my-favorite-character-giving special! This one relies pretty heavily on our last episode, where Green Lantern went crazy and murdered everyone, so make sure you listen to that one first! This picks up a few years after that tragedy and picks up right in the middle of another big DC […]

Welcome to our second annual Legacyvember, Somebody-Kill-Me-November, Thanks-for-killing-my-favorite-characters-giving extravaganza. This month, we’re talking Green Lantern. In the 90s, Green Lantern went crazy, killed everybody, and was radically re-imagined as another 5’10” white guy with dark hair! So progressive! Plus the origin of the trope “Fridging,” when a female character is brutalized to motivate a male […]

Our spooktacular Halloween is behind us, but the fact that someone made Inhumans is even scarier than zombies or witches could ever hope to be. It’s something that can only be seen to believe. We watched the first two episodes of this show. You don’t know what we sacrifice for you people. Marvel’s Inhumans We’ve […]

Our Spooktacular month continues! Last year we covered Archie’s Gritty Zombie Reboot so this year, we returned to Riverdale for another horror story! Well… not quite Riverdale, but the nearby town of Greendale. It’s time for the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina The Teenage Witch! Phil doesn’t remember the show at all, but even he’s pretty […]

It’s time for our Divisive Issues Spooktacular month. For our first story, we return to horror manga and the creator we applauded the most last year: Junji Ito. Will we be as positive about our first full work from him? The story is Gyo, which literally translates to “Fish.” The story does start out being […]

On this episode, the gang reads the first four issues of The Maxx. He looks like a weird, purple Hulk with an overbite, but he’s a lot deeper than that! We swear. Why won’t you believe us?!? Read along: The Maxx Vol 1 After reading Darryl’s beloved Death’s Head 2 last time, we dip back […]

On this episode, the gang let Darryl pick the book we read. Last time he picked one, it was an existential horror manga that stuck with us for months. This time, it’s a super extreme 90s Marvel book that probably would’ve fit in better during Edgelord August. Apparently Death’s Head II is a rich character […]

For part two of Edgelord August, we revisit the man who brought us to the rodeo: Mark Millar. Old Man Logan was technically the source for the recent Logan film. Is this is another example of a film adaptation being better than a Millar book? (Yes) We’re back to the usual crew to discuss the […]

On this episode, the boys are joined by Michael M. Raider (of We’ll Get It Right Next Year: An Adventure In Cinema and Wheeeeeengs fame) to discuss some edgy Garth Ennis to welcome in EDGELORD AUGUST PART 1. Crossed: Badlands Issues 1-3 – Crossed: Special (2013) – IT’S EDGELORD AUGUST. We’re talking about […]

On this episode, the final Phil-in episode, Ryan sits down with some newer/more filthy casual comic book fans and talks about why they love this medium or why they don’t. In this episode, Ryan’s joined by permanent guest Darryl, superfan Matt, and superfan Tracy. We talk about reading comics as a kid, what brought people […]

On this episode, the gang grabs Owen from Classic Schmassic to Phil in. What did he bring for them to enjoy? Ugh. Teen Titans – The Judas Contract (film) In this episode, we watched the new Teen Titans animated film with Owen. He was so excited to guest on the show, that he slept through […]

On this episode, the gang is absent, so Ryan interviews some people about Captain America becoming a Nazi! This isn’t an episode on the story Secret Empire, but about the concept of Captain America himself, what he means to people, and how him becoming an agent of Hydra affects fans in different ways. Special thanks […]

For this special episode, we give some backstory on some tropes, terms, and nonsense words we use all the time. If you’ve never read comic books before or want a sample of what kind of show we are. Here’s the best place to start! Welcome to our “Introduction to Comic Terms.” Check out the rest […]

In this episode, Divisive Issues struggles to balance it’s edgelord tendencies and a normal perspective on the world. Midnighter Vol 1: Out by Steve Orlando and ACO In a truly divisive episode, the gang discusses the first volume of the New 52 Midnighter book. Midnighter is basically gay Batman with the edginess of Nemesis. Darryl […]