Our Spooktacular month continues! Last year we covered Archie’s Gritty Zombie Reboot so this year, we returned to Riverdale for another horror story! Well… not quite Riverdale, but the nearby town of Greendale. It’s time for the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina The Teenage Witch! Phil doesn’t remember the show at all, but even he’s pretty […]

It’s time for our Divisive Issues Spooktacular month. For our first story, we return to horror manga and the creator we applauded the most last year: Junji Ito. Will we be as positive about our first full work from him? The story is Gyo, which literally translates to “Fish.” The story does start out being […]

On this episode, the gang reads the first four issues of The Maxx. He looks like a weird, purple Hulk with an overbite, but he’s a lot deeper than that! We swear. Why won’t you believe us?!? Read along: The Maxx Vol 1 After reading Darryl’s beloved Death’s Head 2 last time, we dip back […]

On this episode, the gang let Darryl pick the book we read. Last time he picked one, it was an existential horror manga that stuck with us for months. This time, it’s a super extreme 90s Marvel book that probably would’ve fit in better during Edgelord August. Apparently Death’s Head II is a rich character […]

For part two of Edgelord August, we revisit the man who brought us to the rodeo: Mark Millar. Old Man Logan was technically the source for the recent Logan film. Is this is another example of a film adaptation being better than a Millar book? (Yes) We’re back to the usual crew to discuss the […]

On this episode, the boys are joined by Michael M. Raider (of We’ll Get It Right Next Year: An Adventure In Cinema and Wheeeeeengs fame) to discuss some edgy Garth Ennis to welcome in EDGELORD AUGUST PART 1. Crossed: Badlands Issues 1-3 – tinyurl.com/CrossedBadlands Crossed: Special (2013) – tinyurl.com/CrossedSpecial IT’S EDGELORD AUGUST. We’re talking about […]

On this episode, the final Phil-in episode, Ryan sits down with some newer/more filthy casual comic book fans and talks about why they love this medium or why they don’t. In this episode, Ryan’s joined by permanent guest Darryl, superfan Matt, and superfan Tracy. We talk about reading comics as a kid, what brought people […]

On this episode, the gang grabs Owen from Classic Schmassic to Phil in. What did he bring for them to enjoy? Ugh. Teen Titans – The Judas Contract (film) In this episode, we watched the new Teen Titans animated film with Owen. He was so excited to guest on the show, that he slept through […]

On this episode, the gang is absent, so Ryan interviews some people about Captain America becoming a Nazi! This isn’t an episode on the story Secret Empire, but about the concept of Captain America himself, what he means to people, and how him becoming an agent of Hydra affects fans in different ways. Special thanks […]

For this special episode, we give some backstory on some tropes, terms, and nonsense words we use all the time. If you’ve never read comic books before or want a sample of what kind of show we are. Here’s the best place to start! Welcome to our “Introduction to Comic Terms.” Check out the rest […]

In this episode, Divisive Issues struggles to balance it’s edgelord tendencies and a normal perspective on the world. Midnighter Vol 1: Out by Steve Orlando and ACO In a truly divisive episode, the gang discusses the first volume of the New 52 Midnighter book. Midnighter is basically gay Batman with the edginess of Nemesis. Darryl […]

On this episode, the gang turns to a simpler time in geopolitical history, when Hitler’s moonbase attacked the world and only the 5 greatest Mahjong players could stop him, the leaders of the free world! Players like George Bush Sr., Pope Benedict, and Vladimir Putin! The Legend Of Koizumi by Owada Hideki In this episode, […]

In this episode, the gang poses a lot of questions. Who watches the Watchmen? What questions does the Question question? Why is Mr. A such an A-hole? We discuss the two characters who were the inspiration for Rorschach in Watchmen. We discuss their origins, their politics, and their unique creator, Steve Ditko. Sly can’t help […]

On this episode, the gang visits the town of Bedrock and dismantles capitalism! Flintstones By Mark Russell and Steve Pugh – tinyurl.com/KarlFlintstone In this episode, we read the most talked about book from DC’s new Hanna-Barbera universe, The Flintstones! Watch as Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, Pebbles, and Bam-Bam dismantle capitalism, sexism, genocide, miltary propaganda, traditional […]

After two weeks of arguing, the gang ends with a surprisingly amicable discussion on the Death of X. Death of X being either the death of Cyclops or the death of the X-Men as a franchise however you wanna look at it. But don’t worry, we’ve got Inhumans now! They’re way cooler. Ryan can’t help […]

On this episode, the gang’s the best at what they do, and what they do isn’t keeping Wolverine alive. Death Of Wolverine by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven – tinyurl.com/DeathWolverine In this episode, we watch the ol’ Canuck die in part 1 of our 2 part series: killing X-Men. It turns out Marvel would rather […]

Suicide Squad won an Oscar and was one of the top grossing films of 2016. That’s all well and good but what do five nerds think about it? Suicide Squad – www.imdb.com/title/tt1386697/ In this episode, the gang brings back original co-host Joe to discuss one of the most contentious topics yet: is Suicide Squad is […]

On this episode, the gang finally finds a sport they can get into. Spoilers, it’s fighting but with butts. Keijo!!!!!!!! – Ass Island – tinyurl.com/KeijoAssIsland In this episode, we delve back into the world of manga, but this time instead of it being horror themed, it’s nudity! Darryl is our senpai. Phil really loves anime […]

On this episode, the gang revisits an old story but this time it’s worse. Wait, no, that’s what Marvel did. Welcome to our first Annual. Civil War 2 by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez – tinyurl.com/BendisCW2 In this episode, we celebrate our year anniversary with Civil War 2! Instead of Captain America vs. Iron […]

On this episode, the gang meets a founding father and he sleeps with all their wives. Doctor Strange Meets Ben Franklin – tinyurl.com/StrangeFranklin In this episode, we return to Steve Englehart’s Doctor Strange. But this time we destroy the world, learn the secret history of America, and get seduced by a founding father. Is it […]